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Let's not sugar coat it, planning a wedding isn't easy, but one thing is for certain - you want it to be perfect. I'm not talking the guest list count or the topper on the cake (though that matters too, let's be honest) but I'm talking about the aesthetic, what you want to feel, your vision coming to life. This is the one day that's all about you. When you trust Drunk on Design with your day, we take that shit seriously. We're not the kind of team who stands by idly until you tell us what to do. We get to know you, what your dream wedding looks like, feels like and we make it happen. 


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We aren't the kind of team who does our thing on the side. In order to bring your vision to life, we want to get to know you on an intimate level so we can plan & style your event intentionally. 


When you hire us, you're not just becoming our client — you are becoming our

"Lillian was my wedding coordinator and my decor provider and I would hire her ten times over again. Her personality is contagious and you can't help but love her tenacity and determination to make sure you get what you want. She will put her own problems on hold to give you the most amazing experience you could possibly plan for... She is like fire. She is the chaos, but you'd never know it with how she controls yours."

from — Jasmine

"I would hire her ten times over again"

"My now husband was convinced we didn’t need a planner. Post-wedding though, he’s said probably 20 times how much Lilli proved him wrong and how she was worth every dollar and more... At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that Drunk on Decor will provide you with a beautiful, well thought out, on time event that will exceed all of your expectations. I’m already starting to think about how I can hire Lilli again. Thank you thank you thank you for making our adventure elopement dreams come true..."

from — Sophie

"She was worth every dollar and more"

"Lilli, Josh (Lilli’s husband), and her team are a family. They are no BS and most importantly, so kind. Lilli genuinely cares and is so fun to work with. We have an awesome friendship even after the wedding... Her weddings aren’t just an event, they are art. I could not recommend you hire Lilli enough. You won’t regret it one bit."

from — Rachel

"Lilli genuinely cares and is so fun"

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